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 Apple Iphone (4 gb)

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PostSubject: Apple Iphone (4 gb)   Fri Jul 06, 2007 6:03 pm

Arrow The good: The Apple iPhone has a stunning display, a sleek design, and an innovative multitouch user interface. Its Safari browser makes for a superb Web surfing experience, and it offers easy-to-use apps. As an iPod, it shines.

Arrow The bad: The Apple iPhone has variable call quality and lacks some basic features found in many cell phones, including stereo Bluetooth support and 3G compatibility. Integrated memory is stingy for an iPod, and you have to sync the iPhone to manage music content.

Arrow The bottom line: Despite some important missing features, a slow data network, and call quality that doesn't always deliver, the Apple iPhone sets a new benchmark for an integrated cell phone and MP3 player.

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PostSubject: Re: Apple Iphone (4 gb)   Wed Jul 11, 2007 11:52 pm

The IPhone is not to be released in the UK until late this year I think. It is available in the continental US but you should avail of a 2 year contract, from Verizon, I believe.

That is about a plan of $60 to $100 USD per month.

I've got my eyes set on it but I am quite hesitant to avail of one. Given that Apple is a company that changes its product as fickleminded as me peace , give or take 6 months and a new version will appear in the market. Yeah, too early to be getting them really.

Although I cannot deny the fact that having it inside my handbag will be lovely! rolling stone

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Apple Iphone (4 gb)
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