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 Subject: Why - April fool

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PostSubject: Subject: Why - April fool   Mon Mar 30, 2009 7:08 am

Subject: Why - April fool

Assalamu Alaikum,

Read this , its about us (the muslims). Most of us celebrate April fool day every year and fool each other. Isn't it? But how many of us know the bitter facts hidden behind it. It was around a thousand years ago that Spain was ruled by Muslims. The Muslim power in Spain was so strong that it couldn't be destroyed. The Christians of the west wished to wipe out Islam from all parts of the world and they did succeed to quite an extent. But when they tried to eliminate Islam in Spain and conquer it they failed. hey tried several times but never succeeded. The unbelievers then sent their spies in Spain to study the Muslims there and find out what was the power they possessed and they found that their power was TAQWA. The Muslims of Spain were not just Muslims but they were practicing Muslims. They not only read the Quran but also acted upon it. e.g. the quran said "Alghina o shiddu minaz zina" i.e Music is worse than zina. They also practiced it they said no to Music, they said no to beer wine and all the other things forbidden in Islam. If they read about Hijab in the Holy Quran they practiced it too unlike most of us today. nbsp; (Faith without Practice is disastrous-Hadith), so let us join hands and promise to become true practicing Muslims.When the Christians found the power of the Muslims they started thinking of strategies to break this power. So they started sending alcohols and cigarettes to Spain free of cost. This technique of the west worked out and it started weakening the faith of the Muslims in particular the young generation of Spain.

The result was that the Catholics of the west wiped out Islam and conquered the entire Spain bringing an end to the EIGHT HUNDRED LONG RULE OF THE MUSLIMS in Spain. The last fall of the Muslims was the Grenada & (Ghornata) fall which was on the 1st of April. And from that year onwards every year they celebrate fools day on the 1st of April, that they made the Muslims fool on this day and we the Muslims were fooled by the unbelievers on this day which they now celebrate as April fool day. Dear brothers and sisters why are we celebrating our own foolishness,our own downfall, why? The answer is due to ignorance, right? None of us knew about it or else we would have never celebrate this day we would never have celebrated our own downfall. So now we be aware of it and now lets promise that we shall never celebrate this day and shall try o become practicing Muslims but never lose our faith like the people of Spain did.

Source Of Information

Brother in Islam ,

Syed Mansoor Shah

Coordinator, Interlibrary Loan/Document Delivery

KFUPM Library, Dhahran, Saudi Arabia

(I got this information from my email.. and don’t worry ur not required to forward this to everybody to get ajar or if not somebody would get sick or get badluck in three days something strange.. suppose to be like that, but I cut the ending line of this mail.. anyway I hope youll be updated with april fool.. ali-ziad )
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Number of posts : 98
Localisation : Abu-bakr Assidiq Islamic Centre, Dubai U.A.E.
Emploi : "one GOD on creed, under the flag of laailahailallah.."
Loisirs : - at the end of time, the sun will rise from the west -
Registration date : 2007-07-20

PostSubject: Re: Subject: Why - April fool   Mon Apr 13, 2009 2:47 pm

All praises & thanks be to Allah

A friend of mine made a hidden response
to this
“APRIL FOOL ARTICLE” which I posted last few days back. I believe the
response was made indirectly for the purpose of anti-exacerbating the said
topic but to lighten-up and rectify the exactitude truth more clearly. After
all, my main purpose is to provide guidance from darkness to light and not to
spread falsehood to prevaricate the ilm blindly. I decided to copy-paste the
message straight right from my inbox made by (lets just say) Al-ghuraba.. Anyway
just check this out and inshaallah we can deign and get something out of it.

Salam brother....

Jazakllahu kahiranf or your post on april fool...i have
read this before...adn I remember someone told be that it has no basis in I cheked it out...i found this:

Chaplain to World
Assembly of Muslim Youth

It Appears That
Muslims Are the Fools

Now as regards
the incorrect story circulating amongst the Muslims on the
Internet saying
that April Fool's Day is the celebration of the kufar over
the conquest
of Muslim Spain. I felt that it was necessary to clarify a
few points in
the interest of truth, inshallah.

Bismillah Al
Hamdulilah was Salat wa Salam ala rasoolulah. Allahu Alim.
In the Name
of Allah, I praise Allah and ask for His Peace upon
Muhammad, ameen. Allah
Alone is The All-Knower.

To continue:
Once again, Muslims are circulating a fabrication on the
Internet trying
to claim things which can easily be proven incorrect by
Christians and
non-Muslims who rejoice in watching us play the part of
Everyday Fools.

The most recent
story says that Christians could not conquer the Muslims
there and sent
spies to discover why. According to the story, they found
that the Muslims
there were on the 'Taqwah' (God Fearing and Pious) of
Islam. Then the story
says the Christians sent in alcohol and cigarettes which
the Muslims used
and lost their 'Taqwah' and then the Christians defeated
the Muslims on
April first and began celebrating 'April Fool's Day' ever
since. This story
is not correct in many aspects.

1.) First,
let us consider the historic fact that Muslim Spain ended
on the 12th of
January in the Christian year of 1492 A.D. yet 'April
Fool's Day was not
heard of until over fifty years later. Once upon a time,
back in 16th-century
France, before computers, people celebrated New Year's Day
on March 25,
the advent of spring. It was a festive time. They partied
steadily until
April 1. In 1564, when the calendar reformed and became
Gregorian, under
the influence of Pope Gregory, King Charles IX proclaimed,

that New Year's Day should be celebrated on January 1st
instead of in the
spring. Diehard conservatives resisted the change (or
perhaps didn't hear
about it due to the absence of e-mail) and continued to
celebrate New Year's
from March 25 to April 1. During this period of spring
festivity, the more
flexible French mocked the rigid revelers by sending them
foolish gifts
and invitations to nonexistent parties. The victim of an
April Fools' Day

prank was called
a "poisson d'avril," or an "April
fish," because at that time of year,
the sun was leaving the zodiacal sign of Pisces. April
Fools' Day hit its
stride (avoiding the banana peel) in England in the 18th
century, and was
brought to colonial America by the English, Scottish, and

2.) Second,
we should know that cigarettes were not even invented
until AFTER the time
of the fall of Muslim Spain (January 1492). According to
the State College
in Framingham, the Human Biology course by Dr. Roger
Morrrissette, Ph.D.,
smoking of any kind did not exist in Spain until after it
was brought back
from the New World AFTER King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella
had come to
rule Spain. This is from their website:

to Human Biology Framingham State College

Roger N. Morrissette,

I. The History
of Smoking.

900: smoking
is referred to on a Mayan stone carving.

1492: Columbus
notes the natives of the New World smoke leaves.

1550: Spaniards
begin cultivating tobacco in the West Indies to export to

1880: Tobacco
use is widespread but people only use small amounts.

3.) Muslim
Spain began to deteriorate at the time of Ibn Seenah and
others who were
beginning to use their logic in place of Divine Revelation
of Allah. Some
were very interested in the Greek and Roman philosophies
and concepts and
began to try to 'rethink' Islam much the same as some
'modernists' are
doing today. It was right after this that Muslim Spain
began to divide
up into small kingdoms and fight against each other for
control and gold.
They employed mercenaries from amongst the Christians and
killed and destroyed
each other for a number of years. When the Christians came
against them
the first time, they appealed to the ruler of Maghrib
(Morocco) across
the Mediterranean Sea who sent troops to quell the
attacks. He stipulated
that the Muslims must stop fighting each other and go back
to the Islamic
system of rule under one leader. They did not do it. When
they began fighting
each other again, the Christians came in very strong
against them and this
time the ruler of Morocco refused to help them. They lost
battle after
battle against the Roman Christians and finally the last
stronghold of
Islam fell to the Christian King, Ferdinand, in January of
1492. [for details
order the video "Muslim Spain"]

So regarding
the email claiming that April Fools Day is a celebration
of the take over
of Muslim Spain, it is clear the whole thing is a made up
lie. This is
totally unacceptable and should be brought to the
attention of the one
who sent you this lie in the first place. A good Muslim
would never accept
to repeat lies and fabrications especially in presenting
facts about the
history of Islam.

If you have
received such a letter it is your duty in front of Allah
to write back
to those who also received it and ask them to contact all
of those on their
lists and email the truth about this issue. And we should
all fear a Day
when we will stand in front of Allah and be asked about
these matters.

If we don't
do something about correcting the education of our beloved
brothers and
sisters in Islam, then everyday on the internet is MUSLIM

Again, it is
only Allah who has All Knowledge. May He forgive me my
mistakes and guide
us all to the right way, ameen.

I did not post it in the main
forum becuase I want you to inshaAllah check the authenticity of this first and
then inshaALlah if what i have stated is what's true...then you may rectify
your forum topic.

Perhaps you can chage it to "email hoax
exposed?" i don't know...just an idea...

wallahu a'la wal a'lam

jazakallahu khairan...


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Subject: Why - April fool
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