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 SubhanAllah...all for the sake of Allah

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SubhanAllah...all for the sake of Allah Empty
PostSubject: SubhanAllah...all for the sake of Allah   SubhanAllah...all for the sake of Allah Icon_minitimeWed Mar 18, 2009 12:23 pm

An excerpt from the book " in the hearts of green birds": by khaykh Azzam

Abu Saif at-Taifií, 1993, age: 20

A member of the Army of Saudi Arabia. When his mother, sitting in Saudi
Arabia, saw the television about the news of the oppression of the Muslims in Bosnia, she said:

"My son. Get up...and go! Look what they are doing. They are raping your sisters, they are killing your brothers. My son get up and go, and
I donít want to see you again."

Abu Saif travelled to Bosnia, the first country he had been to outside the Arabian peninsula. In one operation, he was given the PK machine gun, and during this operation he was shot in the heart; and he continued to walk for a distance of 20 meters still holding his machine gun.

And then he said to the brothers that were around him:

"Look in the sky! Look what I can see...!"
(Meaning he could see paradise just before he was Shaheed, as has happened with countless Shuhadaa throughout history.)

And the brothers replied that:

" We cannot see anything."

And then a second shot hit him in the head and half his brains fell out onto the ground, and he went into a position of Sujood or, prostration, and he was saying:

"Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar."

The brothers, they tried to take the machine gun from him, but he was still holding it tightly and he did not release his grip on the gun until he was killed.

Ya rab Let us die in your Path ! ameen and make amongst the green birds of Paradise! ameen

Brothers and sisters...what is our state right now? where are we headed to? are we struggling for the sake of Allah? or are we Striving for our dunya? May Allah save us from the evil of this dunya and from it's temptations ameen
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SubhanAllah...all for the sake of Allah
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